Transfer Student Statistics for the Top 14 Law Schools (2020-2021 Edition)

By Andy A. Edited by Lemon Law School

For those of you thinking about transferring law schools, here is a quick overview of which of the top 14 law schools accepted the most transfer students and some statistics about the GPA of those transfer classes.

Which Top 14 Law Schools Accepted the Most Transfer Students in 2020?

Georgetown Law enrolled the most transfer students (109 students) in 2020, a 0.04% increase from 2019. This is unsurprising since Georgetown has historically always accepted the most transfer students every year. Again, this data implies that Georgetown Law accepted far more students who chose not to enroll since many offerees end up enrolling at more highly-ranked schools such as NYU and Columbia.

Harvard Law takes second place for enrolling the most transfer students (65 students) in 2020, overtaking NYU Law from 2019. Specifically, Harvard enrolled 22 more students than last year.

You can see the rest of the transfer statistics for the top 14 law schools below:

Source: 2020 ABA 509 Reports

What GPA do you need to transfer to the top 14 law schools? 

Our infographic below gives you a quick glance at what GPA you should have if you want to transfer to one of these top 14 law schools. Generally, if you at least meet the 50th% percentile for a particular law school, your chances of obtaining an acceptance from that law school is pretty good.

Source: 2020 ABA 509 Reports

GPA statistics for certain schools are more skewed than others because they enrolled much fewer transfer students, resulting in a smaller sample size.

Also, law school admissions will take into account your class rank in addition to your GPA. Thus, a 3.70 GPA may be within the top 10% of your 1L class at one school but merely the top 15% of your 1L class in another school.

If you are on the fence about transferring, I wrote an article here about the pros and cons of transferring which includes my own personal experiences transferring from a top 50 law school to NYU Law.

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