My Compilation of 1L Guides for Law School

By Andy A. Edited by Lemon Law School

I personally read through each of these guides and applied them to my first year in law school to rank in the top 10% of my class. These guides provide different perspectives and philosophies for studying in law school in great detail. You will learn how to prepare for 0L, how to prepare for class, how to write a law school exam response, how to pace yourself in law school, and so much more. Study them closely. 

Transfer Student Success Stories

1L Guides

I will continue to update this list below this sentence. Obviously, I did not use the guides below this line of text, but I will have vetted them personally. 

  • Oldersupersplitter, a 3L at UVA Law who graded into the top 10-15% of his class, created this super detailed guide with multiple perspectives about how students can succeed in law school.