Compilation of Past Law School Exams

Below, you will find past law school exams from each of the listed schools. If your professor has released past exams, use those particular past exams first. I would only resort to using these past exams as “extra” practice. 

A few things to note:

Some don’t have sample answers. Some exams may be too old. For instance, constitutional law and civil procedure are two areas where the law is changing frequently. A CivPro exam from 1995 would probably be testing outdated law. 

This list only includes law schools that do not require a student’s netID to log in. 

Updated May 2021

Emory University School of Law

George Washington University Law School (only includes Contracts, Secured Transactions, ConLaw, and Counterterrorism Law)

Gonzaga Law School

University of Kentucky School of Law

St. Thomas University School of Law

Yale Law School (type in the course name → click search → “no results” → select search by keyword)

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