Actionable Guides Curated

for Law Students

What We Do

We write guides based on our past, diverse experiences as law students at top law schools in the United States detailing how law students can succeed in beating the law school curve, successfully transferring law schools, and getting a job in a Big Law firm.  

Our Goal

As driven law students, we did everything we could to ensure our success in the legal field. One of the resources we used was the internet. Although we were eventually able to find certain advice for law students on certain forums, we were frustrated with the unorganized nature of those forums.  

Our goal here is to compile our experiences and the advice we used to succeed to provide curated, detailed guides for law students facing similar obstacles. We also aim to provide different perspectives on the same topics because different things work for different people. 

We've received much advice from attorneys while we were law students. To express our gratitude, this website is one of the ways we are paying it forward. Thus, everything on this website is 100% free to anyone whether they are in law school or interested in applying to law school.

Our Team

We are a group of Big Law lawyers who have all graduated from the top 13 law schools in the United States. We also have some law students on the team offering their up-to-date perspectives. 

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